Integrated organization

Ferrer is an international privately owned pharmaceutical company headquartered in Barcelona with offices in more than 110 countries. We contribute to people's health and quality of life through the pharmaceutical, health care, clean chemicals and food sectors.

Our mission is to improve the welfare of society; Ferrer provides support when your health needs it.

Innovation for life

Since its founding in 1959, Ferrer has been committed to innovation. We discover, research and develop medicines, diagnostics, vaccines, clean chemicals, food and food. This commitment, which is realized every day in our research centers in Spain and abroad, has been awarded the highest rating by the Profarma rating system of the Spanish government.

Global scope of activity

The internationalization process, which began in the early 70s, has transformed Ferrer from one of the leading Spanish pharmaceutical companies into a company with a large international presence. Now, through a network of subsidiaries, joint ventures and partner companies, our products can be purchased worldwide, from San Francisco to Seoul and from Berlin to Buenos Aires.

Production potential

Ferrer also has a massive industrial structure. Our certified manufacturing centers on four continents manufacture chemicals and finished pharmaceuticals to the strictest standards, both for our own products and for other companies. In other words, Ferrer is a fully integrated company, from research and development to production and sales.

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